Certification Work

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Certification Work

Among the most comprehensive and important professional services is the problem of certificates to the client needed for various reasons under specific applicable rules and regulations.

Commonly, the forgoing types of certificates are required to carry out commercial operations in India:

  • Certificates to endorse financial reports and regular financial reports
  • Certificates on the basis of legislative documents kept in compliance with the Indian Companies Act, 2013 and other relevant rules.
  • Certificate of statutory liabilities
  • Certifications of the fare values of the securities of the group for the purpose of merger/ de-fusion, buy out, allocation of new stock and transition of securities from resident to non-resident.
  • Certificate for foreign remittance provided by a citizen of India to an overseas individual outside India 195 of the Income tax act.
  • Net Value Certification required for the bank finance, bank guarantee and visa issuance.
  • Certification of arm’s length level u/s 92 of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  • Certificate of usage of funds by NGOs, regulatory agencies, independent entities and voluntary organizations.
  • Certificate to assert various limitations & privileges under specific laws & regulations
  • Certificate under federal tax regulations for various exemptions etc.
  • Transfer pricing certificate
  • Certificate of Indirect Taxation
  • Certificate under exchange control regulations on imports, remittances, ECB, DGFT, EOU etc.

What SIGMAC & Co. offers?

We are undertaking certification work assignments from different industry sectors. We have been strongly involved in all type of certification work. We honour ourselves on a practical, ethical and professional access to all certification work issues.