Financial Structuring and Restructuring

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Financial Structuring & Restructuring

Financial structuring is the process of reorganizing the financial structure of the company which mainly consists of equity capital and debt capital. It is undertaken by the companies under the necessity of making financial adjustments to its assets and liabilities

What SIGMAC & Co. offers?

Our experts provide advice and consulting service on Redeveloping and Restructuring of business.

  • Analysis of borrower’s plan
  • Reviewing financial, historical and operational information
  • Analysis of borrower’s cash flow projection
  • Develop necessary financial reporting tools
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly monitoring of the results
  • Comparison of results to future projections
  • Preparation of detailed financial report
  • Preparation of proposed restructuring plan
  • Additional capital raising in accordance with the requirements
  • Help for moving short term loans to medium or long term credit facilities