Joint Venture Consultancy

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Joint Venture Consultancy

Joint ventures come into play when two or more companies agree to form a new company in order to fulfil a specified business goal. In this arrangement, the two companies hold equity together. Formation of a joint venture helps companies overcome resource constraints and take advantage of competencies that may be lacking in one of the companies.

Joint Venture consultants help to evaluate company strategic plans, identify partnership structures, and develop strategies that assess risks. The consultant uses experience to foresee and plan to solve probable misunderstandings that may arise owing to selfish business motives of the partners. He helps to identify potential companies to partner with, design post partnership operational structures, advice on regulatory compliance, designs joint venture strategy, synergy realization, and strategic threat responses.

Services offered by SIGMAC & Co. in this field are:

  • Complete document preparation
  • End to end solution
  • Merging 2 or more entities without obstruction
  • Investigation the partner thoroughly of their strength and weaknesses
  • Establishing synergy between the partners
  • Conducting company Valuation
  • Structuring the proposed entity through statutory and legal compliances